Picture of me

Hello reader, welcome to my blog. I started this website for multiple reasons, mainly to bring order to all of my projects. I am scatterbrained and have a multitude of interests ranging from IT to woodworking. It is nearly impossible for me to learn without being hands-on and I learn best through failure. As a consequence of this I have failed at a lot of things and always have multiple projects that I am working on at a given time. Hopefully through documenting my failures and successes I can provide some value to someone, and even a way to reference material when bouncing between projects.

I am an IT generalist at heart (as you could have guessed if you visited the books section), but my primary background is in networking. This website not only documents things I am learning but also is a living project within itself. This website is created with Python-Django. The blog posts are written locally in markdown using Obsidian, then uploaded and styled using bootstrap. I have quite a few custom functions to help with readability and with the MD -> HTML conversion, if you want to read more about it, you can Here.

If you have any questions feel free to use the contact form.